Thursday, 9 June 2011

Village Fete Wedding

I am always in awe of the floral decorations and venue styling of Mat from Red Floral Architecture, and I eagerly await the next lot of photos he uploads here from his wedding or events ... and I have to say the man is a genius... he never ever disappoints, and always leaves me feeling inspired

So when these lot of photos came through featuring some of our vintagey goodies, I literally squealed with joy, the attention to detail is amazing...

Our vintage gold frames look ace tied to pillars with brightly coloured ribbons

I adore the bunting around our watering cans

The little extras make all the difference I love the rossettes he's added to the chairs

The aliums and peonies look perfect in our milk churns

Doesn't it look fab with the small union jack bunting and polka dot ribbons

Some of our vintage enamel jars filled with country flowers

The rosettes were customised with the bride & grooms name and date of marriage

Vintage enamel jugs as table centrepices

Mat's signature floral displays are magnificent

The church lychgate looks stunning decorated with seasonal flowers

I can't believe how many different flowers must have gone into decorating the lychgate, in this shot alone you can see lupins, hydrangeas, scabiosa (lot prettier than it's name), stock, poppies, eucalyptus and daisies it must have smelled divine as you walked underneath it.

Digging the use of vintage cloches and crystal vases

I love how he's made these brightly coloured kissing balls (or pom poms as they are known Up North) look funky decorating
"The Never Inn"

So much prettier made out of tulle rather than tissue paper don't you think?

For more of Mat's photos of this beautifully styled country wedding take a peak here


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  1. oooh Mandy I just love your stuff....all your just turn them into little pieces of art