Monday, 31 January 2011

Vintage Suitcases

We are building up a great selection of vintage leather suitcases, hat boxes and steamer trunks here at Saddleworth Shindigs

They look great used as props shown here with vintage glass cakestands and vintage bottles

We have been able to date the hot box on the left back to the 1920's from an old travel stamp on one of the sides.

Suitcases could have so many uses at a wedding, from a quirky alternative to a post box, look great used as a table planner or even holding favours for guests.

Mandy x

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Vintage Shot Glasses & Limoncello

So many weddings are going down the DIY route these days be it decorations, banners, food and even drinks, I LOVE the idea of making your own drinks and can't think of anything tastier or even better easier to make than the Italian liquor Limoncello.

Limoncello Recipe

Liomoncello is traditionally served chilled as an after-dinner digestivo, served in small ceramic glasses themselves often chilled.

Our selection of gorgeous vintage shot glasses would be ideal to use when serving up your homemade Limoncello digestif

shot glass vi

shot glass v

shot glass iv

shot glass ii

shot glass i

shot glass

For a refreshing alternative to Champagne or Bucks Fizz on arrival of your guests just add Sparkling Wine or Prosecco with Limoncello and serve in tall chilled champagne flutes...easy peasy!


When I was younger I used to keep all the stuff I had in my pockets. There were a lot of rocks & little shiny things. As I got older it got to be too much to carry & I couldn't remember why I kept it anyway so I finally got rid of it. Now, I make lists
~ Story People

I adore all the the Story People quotes and ditties, they are always so witty and you can always find a quote that just about sums up how you feel.  When I was younger I did (and still do) collect anything and everything but unlike the above quote I now buy and hire them out for weddings, parties and photoshoots take a look at my website Saddleworth Shindigs


{all images by me unless otherwise stated}